8th Annual Veterans Recognition Dinner
John Rydzik did it again! The Sunrise Rotary's 8th annual Veterans' recognition dinner was a great success. Approximately 125 Veterans, spouses, friends and Rotarians came together for an evening of friendship, fun and deep thanks to the men and women who sacrificed much and endured great hardship so that we may enjoy the freedom we so often take for granted. Oakwood Manor was the venue for our dinner.  Set up started at 1 pm and  went quickly due to the efforts of Marlene Gonzalez,Marian Meyers, Maria,Dave George, Mike Reilly, Mark Walling and Joe Hoch.  We were back at Oakwood Manor by 5:30  and so were some early bird guests. Marlene and Mark quickly set up the registration table and began checking in the attendees.  Charlie and his new wife, Leslie, got the split club and theme basket ticket sales going and our evening was in full swing.  Cocktail hour was from 6-7 pm. While guest enjoyed their cocktails, Dennis George began his trivia challenge.  First question was "which female entertainer logged the most miles of all entertainers doing USO shows during WWII?"  No one had the correct answer. Do you know the correct answer? From 7-7:30 pm plaques were presented honoring seven local veterans.  Everyone enjoyed at relaxing dinner and then the theme basket event. Winning numbers were posted, people quickly claimed their items and then just one lonely basket remained unclaimed all by it's self on a huge empty table. So sad what a dilemma. Ah!  Mike Reilly to the rescue. He auctioned off that one lonely basket for $30.00! Then one of the audience volunteered their basket for another auction.  This item Mike auctioned off for $20.00. Looks like a new career path for Mike. Then it was time for the main event ,"Military Trivia with Dennis George".  Three teams went to do battle in this mighty contest of military knowledge. Two of our own, Mike Reilly and Charlie Brooks, each led a team. Many questions were answered incorrectly but finally a winner emerged.  The team with a woman who has never served in the armed forces, giving the correct answers, won this year's contest.  There is always time to study for next year's challenge. What a special evening. If you were not able to attend this dinner click on the "club web site" in the upper right hand corner of this bulletin then on the photo journal tab on the left side of the club site to follow this  event from set up to the final quiz. Put this dinner on your calendar for next year.
Trivia answer: Dinah Shore