The future of Rotary is in the hands of......
We have seen and taken pictures of the future of Rotary. The happy faces of the Gowanda elementary third graders and the helping hands of St Bernadette's sixth graders.This year, with the assistance of a District Simplified Grant, Sunrise was able to extend it's literacy outreach to more students.  Dictionaries were given to all the third grade students (105) in the Gowanda School district.  This donation was especially gratifying as these are the students whose lives were turned upside down by the terrible flooding in Gowanda this spring. These third graders were so happy and joyful they made us smile. In thirty years their Rotary meetings will filled with great energy,enthusiasm and fun.

 Sunrise also donated dictionaries to all students (196) at St Bernadette's School. Here we saw another Rotary tenant being practiced, "service above self". Sr. Diane asked the sixth graders to leave gym class and help unload the dictionaries and stack them in the library. Later these books would be distributed to all the students. In twenty years we will see many young Rotarians interrupting their activities to do a greater good for their community.

 Cathy Rybczynski has chaired Sunrise Rotary's "Dictionary Project" for several years. We would like to thank Cathy for working so hard on this project.  With dedicated efforts of Rotary Clubs to promote literacy we ensure a better future for these children and for ourselves.            Pictures in Photo Journal