Burgerfest 2011 is history.  A very warm, sunny day was enjoyed by many, many, many Burgerfest attendees. Sunrise Rotary's mission was to sell the tickets that bought food and drink for this hugh crowd of people and sell tickets we did! From 11:45 am to 11:30 pm Sunrise Rotarians manned the ticket tent. We moved the lines  quickly so there were no complaints from the public.  This event would not have run so smoothly if Marlene Gonzalez  had not put in hours and hours of her time planning, implemeting and coordinating the new ticket selling process. She even thought about us by providing cold water and pop during the day AND she gave us small breaks during the day as  long as we promised to come back and sell more tickets. A great big THANK YOU to Sunrise Rotarians and their family members for working so hard to make this event the success it was.