What do Leprechauns do for a living?
This was one of the trivia questions Mark Walling posed at our membership breakfast, March 18th. Answer will be given at the end of this post.

 Hamburg Sunrise hosted it annual membership breakfast on Thursday, March 18th, at the Hilbert College cafeteria. Seven guests joined us for a short introduction to Rotary.  Adam,the techie Hilbert student, ran the audio visual equipment so we were able to present the "Rotary Now" video to our members and our guests. In seven minutes this video sums up the heart of Rotary. Fernando Sandoval spoke about the Youth Exchange program and his experience as a host to this year's exchange student, Maria Palomo-Rodriguez.  Anita Mahaney, our membership chair, spoke about member expectations. Marlene Gonzalez, past president, answered questions. Laura Fararra served a tasty breakfast. Luckily non of our guests were dismayed by the sight of Mike Reilly in his white  slacks with the green shamrocks, check out our membership photo journal. Then Mark Walling began the trivia! No fines because we had guest but those questions in honor of St Patrick' Days were brain twisters. Who knew there are no moles in Ireland- yuk! Even with the mole question everyone had a good time and made it to work on time. Now the answer: What do Leprechauns do for a living? Leprechauns make shoes for Faeries.